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In the docu-style series Burger Land, host George Motz meets the Ted behind Ted's Frostop, known for their frosty root beer.

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Ted's Frostop Follow your dreams. Like eating these shrimp and grits. 2016-10-21T21:06:04+0000
Ted's Frostop Forget candy -- which of our treats would you want in your Halloween bag?
Ted's Frostop A creamy Frostop Rootbeer would really hit the spot right now.
Ted's Frostop When you're looking at the food on the table next to you. 2016-10-15T18:07:09+0000
Ted's Frostop Let's see who knows their trivia: Which of the five senses is the most important for enjoying food?
Ted's Frostop True or false: You come here so often, you could make it with your eyes closed. 2016-10-08T19:57:13+0000
Ted's Frostop Living the sweet life. 2016-10-05T22:05:07+0000
Ted's Frostop Words to live by. 2016-09-30T19:05:12+0000
Ted's Frostop We bet you’ve taken some great food pics at our place. Care to share your best?
Ted's Frostop Maybe by trying something new? 2016-09-24T18:04:10+0000

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