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In the docu-style series Burger Land, host George Motz meets the Ted behind Ted's Frostop, known for their frosty root beer.

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Ted's Frostop Here's to our customers -- the best people around! 2016-07-29T16:43:11+0000
Ted's Frostop Keep your friends close and your fries closer. 2016-07-25T18:05:04+0000
Ted's Frostop Whew, it's hot out there! Good thing we've got something cold in here. 2016-07-21T18:32:05+0000
Ted's Frostop Which of our all-you-can-eat pancake flavors do you prefer? A. Blueberry B. Pecan C. Chocolate Chip D. Buttermilk
Ted's Frostop Why, yes, everything IS made from scratch. 2016-07-15T19:16:10+0000
Ted's Frostop We've been a burger-flippin', root-beer-floatin' New Orleans landmark since 1955. Thanks for years of love, and here’s to many more!
Ted's Frostop 2016-07-13T17:00:19+0000
Ted's Frostop 2016-07-13T16:59:59+0000
Ted's Frostop 2016-07-04T21:01:00+0000
Ted's Frostop A lotto more where this came from! Only at Ted's Frostop #lottoburger 2016-06-20T18:20:43+0000

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