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Lotto Burgers & Frostop Root Beer, Nothing Beats a Classic!

If you are looking for the classic comfort food you will find it at Ted’s Frostop on Claiborne at Calhoun in Uptown New Orleans. The Ted's Frostop Menu features the always famous Loto Burger, shakes, fries, po-boys, daily specials, breakfast specials from 7am-10am, breakfast all day selections, and much more! We're conveniently located on Claiborne at Calhoun, across from Tulane's Turchin Stadium.


We're offering all you can eat pancakes $5.95 7 days a week, and don't forget about our Mon-Fri plate lunch specials. There's always something happening at Ted's Frostop!


See You Soon!


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Ted's Frostop The summer games got us thinking -- if you could give a gold medal to something on our menu, what would it be?
Ted's Frostop Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 2016-08-23T18:12:04+0000
Ted's Frostop "Ever since you let me try Ted's Frostop, I don't want anything else." 2016-08-18T23:13:16+0000
Ted's Frostop We're here to keep you happy. 2016-08-17T21:33:05+0000
Ted's Frostop True or false: The person who first brought you here is still your favorite person to come with.
Ted's Frostop Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. (Thanks @biglilfoodie for the Insta pic.) 2016-08-10T14:15:07+0000
Ted's Frostop What's more American than a burger? Winning all the Olympic gold medals.
Ted's Frostop Most beautiful state in the nation. And we get to call it home. 2016-08-01T21:18:07+0000
Ted's Frostop Here's to our customers -- the best people around! 2016-07-29T16:43:11+0000
Ted's Frostop Keep your friends close and your fries closer. 2016-07-25T18:05:04+0000

Open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm | Saturday 8am-7pm | Sunday 8am-6pm

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